I am a Street Artist/Painter and Actor living in South East London. I love to paint with spray cans but use anything I can get my hands on to create a nice gritty concrete texture on the canvas. Texturiser, Acrylics, Paint Pens, Oil's and old emulsion! 

I grew up in a small town in South Wales and fell in love with graffiti around 1989 through my love for Hip Hop and the fact that drawing was pretty much the only thing I was any good at! My two bibles; 'Graffiti Art' and 'Spray Can Art' gave me the inspiration to practice with my mate DEPO and I've never stopped the flow.

I paint commissions/portraits and loads of freelance work for clients including shop fronts, festivals, TV shows, theatre productions and charities. I have also successfully run my own stall at Greenwich Market but lately I've been solely focusing on studio work producing canvas and doing murals (and my amazing three year old son!).


I am available for commissions please contact me for a quote.

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